Apr 192007

I’m searching for ancestors of my great-grandfather Joseph Voisin (1858-1916). I have hit a brick wall in tracing Joseph’s ancestors to Ontario, Canada.

In his personal journal, he wrote that he was at Netherby, Humberstone Township, Ontario, Canada on November 19, 1875. Whether he lived there, worked there, or was passing through is unknown. Later he wrote that he worked in Hawkesville, Ontario in April 1877. His death certificate indicates he was born in Canada and that his father’s name was also Joseph.

He emigrated to America sometime in or before 1879. He is rumored to have traveled with Clements and Elizabeth Starr, who were also from Ontario. On October 3, 1879 he bought land near Beal City in Nottowa Township, Isabella County, Michigan. He married Mary Ann Yuncker February 16, 1885 in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.

Other researchers have studied the family of Joseph Voisin (1805-1892) and Catherine Meyer (1820-1881). They lived in Wellesley Township, near St. Clements, Ontario. This is very near Hawkesville. There is apparently no link between this family and my ancestor, Joseph Voisin. However it is still a possibility. There were also other Voisin families in the area then, but they moved away.

If anyone has any information about my ancestor Joseph Voisin, please post a reply here, or contact MikeVoisin@iSeeAncestors.com.

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