Aug 082016

Waco 10This is my grandfather Ernie Voisin standing with his daughter, my aunt Nora May as a little girl. This was taken at Houghton Lake, Michigan on July 4, 1927.1  They went for a ride in this airplane, which appears to be a 1927 Waco 10.

On the back of this picture is written, “Houghton Lake; July 4, 1927; Dady & Noramay and the Airaplane they went up in.”  Here it is along with a montage of other unrelated, restored Waco 10 airplanes.2

Click for larger view

  1. “Photographs,” Ernest Joseph Voisin and Nora May (Voisin) Downing standing next to a biplane, 1927, Houghton Lake, Michigan, Estate of John Ernest Voisin, Huntsville, Madison, Alabama.
  2. Photos of restored Waco 10 aircraft from three sources:  RC Groups ( : downloaded 7 August 2016); Atlantic Flyer ( : downloaded 7 August 2016); and Flickr, (,waco/Interesting : downloaded 7 August 2016).

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