Aug 082016

Model-T CoupeMy granduncle George Voisin was my grandfather’s younger brother. He apparently owned a Ford Model-T Coupe, which is pictured in a few old family photographs from the mid- to late-1920s.1  It appears to be a 1924 or 1925 Coupe. Here it is along with a montage of an unrelated, restored 1925 Coupe.2

Click for larger view.

The old photographs were taken at the Voisin homestead near Beal City, Michigan.  George Voisin posed beside his Model-T Coupe.  The car also appears in the background at a family gathering.  His brother Willard Voisin helped him change a flat tire, which was probably a common occurrence.

  1. “Photographs,” Ford Model T automobile owned by George John Voisin, Beal City, Isabella, Michigan, Received from Harold Joseph Voisin, January 26, 2004, John M. Voisin, Huntsville, Madison, Alabama.
  2. Hemmings, “1925 Ford Model T Coupe,” Ad #1801270. ( : downloaded 6 August 2016).

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