About This Site

About this Site

I first posted my genealogical research on the Internet in 2000. Since then I have made contact with more than a dozen distant cousins. They searched the Internet for their ancestors and found them listed here. My cousins have provided many fruitful leads and a wealth of additional information.

The genealogy presented here needs a point of reference. Therefore you will see terms like grandfather and great-grandmother. These terms are relative to me, the author. Of course that relationship to you, the reader, may be different. The family tree also includes both my paternal and maternal branches. Depending upon your relationship to me, one of these lines may not be of interest.

Who am I? I'm Mike Voisin and you can find me here in our family tree. If you're not a family member you can view my parent's family.

Genealogy is always a work in progress. I moved this site to a web hosting service in 2007 and registered the iSeeAncestors.com domain. The name is a play on the line "I see dead people" from the movie The Sixth Sense. With the additional space and bandwidth, I can share ever more information. So check back often, as I will continue to add more.

I am trying some experimental techniques on this website. If something doesn't look quite right, or you notice something doesn't function correctly, please notify me and describe what you are seeing. Thanks.


My interest in genealogy began in earnest after the death of my mother in 1992. This site is dedicated to the memory of my mother, who told me one afternoon on the bank of the Delaware river at Washington Crossing, that I came from "good stock."

Thanks to my aunts, uncles and cousins who provided information about themselves, their children and parents. Thanks also to the many researchers and cousins I've met through the Internet.


I encourage everyone to post their genealogical research on the Internet. For those interested in creating their own website, here are some of the resources I used to create this one. If you have questions or comments, please contact me.

Some photograph albums are made with JAlbum, a free and highly customizable gallery creator. I customized the XP skin.


The menu system used to navigate this website was adapted from concepts provided by Stu Nicholls at CSSPlay, a comprehensive Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) resource for website development.

I modified and adapted Mr. Nicholls' drop-down menu example, menu #1, and added icons similar to his menu #4. I also combined this with an adapted version of his 'Fixed' Layout version 3.


Many of the small icons used here were obtained from the excellent Silk Icon set at famfamfam.com.

Silk Icons

Some graphics specifically for genealogy websites were provided by Rhio's Sampler.

Rhio's Sampler

My blog is powered by WordPress. It is very easy to configure and maintain.


The facility to search this website is powered by Perlfect Search. It is easy to install and use.

Perlfect Search

A web hosting service will provide you with substantially more disk space for your website than what your Internet Service Provider (ISP) probably allows. Most ISPs limit you to 10Mb to 50Mb for your web pages. I recommend 1&1 Website Hosting or HostGator.

(Use coupon code MYGENEALOGYSITE to save 25% at HostGator)

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