Barque Leontine

Ship: Barque Leontine
Port of Departure: Bremen
Port of Arrival: New York
Arrival Date: October 5, 1836
NARA Film: M237-31-916

I could identify no direct-line ancestors on this ship. However some of the families (highlighted) may be the "founding families" of Westphalia, Michigan. Father Anton Kopp recorded the journey of this ship in his diary.

Name Gender Age Occupation Origin Destination Comments
Anton, Franz M 16   Reblinghausen New York  
Bade, Christian M 26 Horloger Loltan New York  
Bade, Julianne F 24   Loltan New York  
Bekman, Catharine F 20 Servant Lalzberg Buffalo  
Bille, Terese F 18 Maid Elope Detroit  
Bruns, Anton M 25 Farmer Lalzberg Buffalo  
Cordes, Dina F 5   Holden Detroit  
Cordes, Hermann M 18   Holden Detroit  
Cordes, Joseph M 16   Holden Detroit  
Cordes, Margaretha F 34   Holden Detroit  
Cordes, Peter M 11   Holden Detroit  
Cordes, Peter M 43 Carpenter Holden Detroit  
Droste, Peter M 31 Servant Veishched Detroit  
Egges, Anne F 24 Servant Lalzberg Buffalo  
Elfers, Netta F 32 Servant Lalzberg Buffalo  
Frisel, Anna F 17   Kemmelsbach New York  
Frisel, Anna F 42   Kemmelsbach New York  
Frisel, Catharina F 7   Kemmelsbach New York  
Frisel, Dorothea F 4   Kemmelsbach New York  
Frisel, Joseph M 40 Shoemaker Kemmelsbach New York  
Gries, Herman M 34 Farmer Elope Detroit  
Hacken, Elizabeth F 2   Detentrups New York  
Hacken, Franz M 33 Shoemaker Detentrups New York  
Hacken, Marianne F 30   Detentrups New York  
Hacken, Terese F 4   Detentrups New York  
Hankel, Anne Maria F 16   Mothersback Ohio  
Hankel, Catharine F 19   Mothersback Ohio  
Hankel, Catharine F 46   Mothersback Ohio  
Hankel, George M 49 Farmer Mothersback Ohio  
Hankel, Maria Elise F 2   Mothersback Ohio  
Hankel, Marie Catharina F 11   Mothersback Ohio  
Hankel, Peter M 22   Mothersback Ohio  
Hankel, Wilhelm M 7   Mothersback Ohio  
Harmuhomaker, Franz M 25 Saddler Ulpen New York  
Hatten, Barbara F 2   Kimelscash New York  
Hatten, Johan M 38 Farmer Kimelscash New York  
Hatten, Marie Anne F 1   Kimelscash New York  
Hatten, Ursula M 28   Kimelscash New York  
Heckler, George M 20 Shoemaker Aucrsbach New York  
Hesfe, Casper M 30 Cartwright Hagen New York  
Heshe, Wilhelm M 46   Gleishern New York  
Janing, Johan M 35 Carpenter Linen New York  
Kebakus, Eberhard M 34   Ulpen New York  
Klusener, Johan M 29 Farmer Lalzberg Buffalo  
Kocks, Fanny F 27 Servant Lalzberg Buffalo  
Kocks, Marie F 21 Servant Lalzberg Buffalo  
Kollner, Maria F 21 Servant Lalzberg Buffalo  
Kopp, Anton M 40 Parson Her Versched New York Established the Catholic parish in Westphalia, Michigan
Kr?melbein, Frederick M 32 Farmer Hocksletten Ohio  
Kr?melbein, Johan M 25 Farmer Hocksletten Ohio  
Kramer, Anton M 27 Musician Grevenstern New York  
Kraus, Peter M 33 Brickmaker Auersback New York  
Kriesht, Elizabeth F 6   Werigumsleds Cinninatic  
Kriesht, Franz M 12   Werigumsleds Cinninatic  
Kriesht, Johann M 8   Werigumsleds Cinninatic  
Kriesht, Johann M 36 Farmer Werigumsleds Cinninatic  
Kriesht, Kunigunde M 3   Werigumsleds Cinninatic  
Kriesht, Margaretha F 10   Werigumsleds Cinninatic  
Kriesht, Margaretha F 36   Werigumsleds Cinninatic  
Kriesht, Wilhelm M 1   Werigumsleds Cinninatic  
Kucher, Anton M 12   Werntrap New York  
Kucher, Franz M 20   Werntrap New York  
Kucher, Fredrick M 50 Carpenter Werntrap New York  
Kucher, Johann Ludwig M 15   Werntrap New York  
Kucher, Maria F 17   Werntrap New York  
Kucher, Maria Francisia F 9 m   Werntrap New York  
Kucher, Peter M 6   Werntrap New York  
Kucher, Terese F 9   Werntrap New York  
Kucher, Terese F 38   Werntrap New York  
Legar, Anne F 18 Servant Lalzberg Buffalo  
Leger, Derk M 26 Farmer Lalzberg Buffalo  
Leis, Leonhard M 33 Servant Kemmelsbach New York  
Lienke, Catharina F 30   Ledan New York  
Lienke, E. F. M 30 Shoemaker Ledan New York  
Lutke, Ann Catherina F 3   Veishched Detroit  
Lutke, Ann Margaret F 11   Veishched Detroit  
Lutke, Anne Maria F 42   Veishched Detroit  
Lutke, Elizabeth F 9   Veishched Detroit  
Lutke, Joseph M 43 Blacksmith Veishched Detroit  
Lutke, Marie F 6   Veishched Detroit  
Lutke, Peter M 17   Veishched Detroit  
Menne, Anne Maria F 39   Gleishern New York  
Menne, Johan F. M 33 Tailor Gleishern New York  
Menne, Margaretha F 9   Gleishern New York  
Menne, Peter M 6   Gleishern New York  
Muhlon, Catharine F 30   Werigumsleds New York  
Muhlon, Christian M 31 Weaver Werigumsleds New York  
Neuhaus, Johan R. M 36 Servant Veishched Detroit  
Pany, Ann Marie F 6 m   Werigumsleds New York  
Pany, Henrich M 24 Surgeon Werigumsleds New York  
Pany, Marianna F 30   Werigumsleds New York  
Platte, Eberhard M 30 Farmer Helden Detroit A founding father of Westphalia, Michigan
Platte, Frednand M 2   Helden Detroit  
Platte, Mary Catharina F 5   Helden Detroit  
Platte, Teresa F 23   Helden Detroit  
Platte, Terese F 1   Helden Detroit  
Rabes, Johan D. M 27 Farmer Lalzberg Buffalo  
Racks, Derk M 29 Farmer Lalzberg Buffalo  
Reuber, Adam M 18   Reblinghausen New York  
Reuber, Helene F 24   Reblinghausen New York  
Reuber, J. F. M 48 Farmer Reblinghausen New York  
Reuber, Johann Joseph M 22   Reblinghausen New York  
Reuber, Marie F 58   Reblinghausen New York  
Rlusener, Catharine F 19 Servant Lalzberg Buffalo  
Schrader, Carl M 30 Cartman Hanover New York  
Schumer, Eva F 36 Maid Kemmelsbach New York  
Schuring, Anne F 32 Servant Lalzberg Buffalo  
Schutten, Anton M 74   Holden Detroit  
Schutten, John M 28   Holden Detroit  
Struch, Elizabeth F 16 Servant Holden Detroit  
Stupparing, Anne Catharina F 16   Ulpon Detroit  
Stupparing, Anne Margartha F 43   Ulpon Detroit  
Stupparing, Anton M 9   Ulpon Detroit  
Stupparing, F. P. M 48 Farmer Ulpon Detroit  
Stupparing, Maria Anna F 3   Ulpon Detroit  
Stupparing, Regina M 6 m   Ulpon Detroit  
Treubig, Andreas M 11   Kemmelsbach New York  
Treubig, Barbara F 8   Kemmelsbach New York  
Treubig, Eva F 3   Kemmelsbach New York  
Treubig, Jacob M 13   Kemmelsbach New York  
Treubig, Johanna M 6   Kemmelsbach New York  
Treubig, Joseph M 45 Farmer Kemmelsbach New York  
Treubig, Maria Anna F 15   Kemmelsbach New York  
Treubig, Maria Anna F 37   Kemmelsbach New York  
Ulrichs, Runigunde F 11   Kirmmelsback New York  
Ulricks, Johan M 24   Kimelscash New York  
Walner, Chrsitian M 27   Enforf New York  
Westerman, Anne Maria F 48   Resenbek New York  
Westerman, G. M 50 Farmer Resenbek New York  
Westerman, Heinrick M 8   Resenbek New York  
Westerman, Joseph M 16   Resenbek New York  
Westerman, Marie Anne F 24   Resenbek New York  
Wieseman, Franz M 19 Cartwright Hagen New York  
Winkelman, ? M 28 Farmer Her Elsyse Detroit  


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