Here are some software programs useful for genealogy.


First and foremost is GED-GEN, a program I created to generate genealogy websites. Easily convert your family tree into web pages like my Family Group Sheets.

Learn more about GED-GEN

GED-GEN is a shareware program, meaning you can try it free for 30 days. If you like it and continue to use it, you pay a $20 registration fee. Features include:

  • Multimedia: Add galleries of multimedia items referenced in your GEDCOM.
  • Portraits: Add portraits using your primary scrapbook images.
  • Surnames: The surname pages can include surname frequency counts.
  • Index: Easy to read index pages are partitioned and grouped by surname.
  • Family: Family pages are in group sheet format, one family per page.
  • Seamless: Customize colors, fonts, and headings to match your website.
  • Biographies: Add links to your biography web pages.
  • Narratives: Add links to your family narrative web pages.
  • Navigate: Add kinship phrases to help visitors navigate your pages.
  • Import: Display the contents of text or web files on family pages.
  • Images: Display a person's image next to their name.
  • Groups: Display a family group picture on each page.
  • Privacy: Exclude living individuals, or hide names and/or dates.
  • Footnotes: Include source citations, and bibliography and repository pages.
  • Facts: Selectively include or exclude over 40 facts, and research notes.
  • Labels: Change the text of all titles and labels; create non-English pages.
  • CSS: Override styles with your own Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
  • Low-level: Include scripts directly in web page files.
  • Help: Complete help facility.
  • Plus: Find many more options to fine-tune your web pages.

Visit the GED-GEN website to download your copy today!

Core FTP

For uploading and downloading files from this or other websites, I recommend Core FTP, a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client. It's free and easy to use.

Core FTP

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