Family Group Sheets

Family Group Sheets

Here is our family tree, presented in the form of Family Group Sheets. Group sheets are a common way to present genealogical information. Each individual appears in at least one family group. A child appears on his parent's family group sheet and that same child, if he later marries, appears as a spouse on his own family group sheet. A separate sheet exists for each spouse if there were subsequent marriages.

Two sets of family group sheets are available. One is for the general public. It contains information about deceased individuals and ancestors. The other set is for family members only. It contains all individuals in our family tree. Since it includes information about living individuals, you must have a password to view it. If you are a family member, you can request a password using the Password Request form.

Family Group Sheets
Family Group Sheets

Important Note

I am digitizing all my genealogical evidence. I scan documents like birth certificates and death records, as well as photographs to make electronic image files. These digitized images appear under each individual or family to which they correspond.

When you browse my family tree, you will see links to multimedia gallery pages. Click on a "Family Gallery" link if it appears at the top of a family group sheet. Click on a "Gallery" link if it appears under an individual.

Gallery Links

These links open a gallery page that has small thumbnail images representing the various digitized items you can view.

Gallery Pages

Click on a thumbnail image to view a larger, more detailed image. You will also see a description and additional information about the item.

Slide Pages

If you need a better look, you can click the larger image to view the original image in full detail.

Original Images

From there, you can right-click the original image and choose to download it to your own computer.

Please check back, as I continually add digitized evidence as often as I can. And of course, if you have items to contribute, I will be happy to add them to our family tree.

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