The Voisin/Stewart Family
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Voisin, Ernest Joseph (1900-1987), Letters of Ernest J. Voisin.
Mike Voisin [12]
Voisin, Glenn Arthur, Correspondence from Voisin, Glenn (1995).

[My uncle Glenn responded to a survey I conducted to gather the names and birthdates of him and his children.]

Voisin, Harold Joseph, Correspondence from Voisin, Harold (9-9-1973, 9-23-2000).

[Harold is my first cousin, once removed. He responded to a survey conducted by my aunt Mary Lou in preparation for a family reunion. He also provided several old post cards and family photographs.]

Voisin, James Arthur, Correspondence from Voisin, James Arthur.
Voisin, James Scott, Correspondence from Voisin, Scott.
Voisin, John Ernest (1925-1994), Journal of John E. Voisin.
Mike Voisin [12]
Voisin, John Ernest (1925-1994), Letters of John E. Voisin.
Mike Voisin [12]
Voisin, John Michael, Correspondence from Voisin, Mike.

[I am the researcher who collected these references. Most of my effort has been conducted since 1992.]

Voisin, Joseph (1858-1916), Personal Ledger of Joseph Voisin, Personal library of A. Wayne Edwards, II.

[Wayne provided scanned images of three pages from the ledger. Wayne obtained the diaries from either Helen Voisin or his grandmother (Clara Schohl). Many of the notes were dates which he drove his cattle to market, dates of new born calves, and purchases he made. It appears that he also was a caller for square dances, since he had written what he wanted to say at the dances.]

Voisin, Mary, Correspondence from Voisin, Mary (12-27-2000, 06-04-2009).

[Mary is my first cousin, once removed. She provided the names and dates of her relatives in a letter to Harold Joseph Voisin, and a letter to Glenn Arthur Voisin.]

Voisin, Norma Jean (Shoe), Correspondence from Voisin, Norma (1995).

[My aunt Norma responded to a survey I conducted to gather the names and birthdates of her and her children.]

Voisin, Ruth Phyllis (Stewart) (1927-1992), Journal of Ruth P. Voisin.
Mike Voisin [12]
Voisin, Ruth Phyllis (Stewart) (1927-1992), Letters of Ruth P. Voisin.
Mike Voisin [12]
Voisin, Theresa Anne (Topolewski), Correspondence from Voisin, Theresa.
Voran Funeral Home, Voran Funeral Home ( accessed).
W. H. Irwin and George E. Burnham, Gazetteer and Directory of the County of Waterloo (Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Irwin & Burnham, 1867); images, University of Calgary, Our Roots ( accessed.
Reference: 002035
Warzel, Des, Indiana County Pennsylvania Cemeteries (Apollo, Pennsylvania: Closson Press, February 1995).

[Subtitle: plus History of Brush Valley Lutheran Church Vol I.]

Huntsville Madison County Public Library [8]
Wellesley, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, Ontario, Canada Marriages, 1801-1935,; digital images, Operations, Inc., ( accessed); Ontario, Canada. Registrations of Marriages, 1869-1935. MS932, Reels 1-793. Archives of Ontario, Toronto.
West Virginia, Vital Research Records Project,; Digital images, West Virginia Division of Culture and History, West Virginia Archives and History ( accessed); West Virginia State Archives and the Genealogical Society of Utah.
West Virginia, Vital Research Records Project,; Digital images, West Virginia Division of Culture and History, West Virginia Archives and History ( accessed); West Virginia State Archives and the Genealogical Society of Utah.
Westphalia [Michigan] Centennial 1836-1936.

[Mary Buege provided photocopies of selected pages from this book.]

Whitmire, Rob, Correspondence from Witmire, Rob

[Rob provided information on the Keusch family.]

Wieber, Ted, Correspondence from Wieber, Ted <> [December 2002].

[Mr. Wieber contacted me via the Internet. He provided information on Ludwig Wieber.]

Wilkins Township Board of Commissioners, Wilkins Township, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, Wilkins Township ( accessed).
Reference: 001274
William E. Morris, Map of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: R. L. Barnes, 1849); digital image, David Rumsey Historical Map Collection ( accessed).

[Collection: David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Author: Morris, William E.
Attributed Author: Melish, John
Date: 1849
Short Title: Map Of Pennsylvania.
Publisher: R. L. Barnes, Philadelphia
Type: Wall Map
Obj Height cm: 128
Obj Width cm: 188
Scale 1:323,000

Reissue and updating of Melish's original map. Engraved by Edward Yeager (B. Tanner, the original engraver is not given credit). The map is the same base map as Melish's edition, with the addition of new towns, counties, roads, railroads, etc. There are two new tables listed in the lower right corner, on Public Works and the Coal Trade (replacing Melish's list of sources of the map). There was also an 1848 edition by Morris, which was very similar to the 1849. Full color by township with counties outlined. With black top and bottom rollers. Map is edged in silk.

Reference: Phillips Maps p682.
State/Province: Pennsylvania
Full Title: Map Of Pennsylvania, constructed from the County Surveys authorized by the State; and other original Documents. Revised And Improved under the supervision of Wm. E. Morris, Civil Engineer ... Published By R.L. Barnes S.E. Corner Of Seventh And Market Sts. Philadelphia. 1849. Engraved by Edwd. Yeager. Entered ... 1848, by R.L. Barnes ... Pennsylvania. (title illustration) Drawn by F. Kearny.

List No: 2275.000
Engraver or Printer: Kearny, F.; Yeager, E.
Image No: 2275000]

Reference: 001280
William H. Egle MD, An Illustrated History of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania: Civil, Political, and Military, from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: De Witt C. Goodrich and Company, 1876); digital images, Google, Incorporated, Google Books ( accessed.
Reference: 001279
William Irvine, Adjutant-General, A Record of the Commissioned Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates, of the Regiments Which Were Organized in the State of New York and Called Into the Service of the United States to Assist in Suppressing the Rebellion, Volume VI, 174th Regiment - 71st Regiment State Militia (Albany, New York: Weed, Parsons, and Company, 1866); digital images,, Fold3 History and Genealogy Archives ( accessed.
WITF Radio, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, ( accessed).
With ([address for private use]), by. held by Mike Voisin ([address for private use], Huntsville, Alabama).
Yuncker, David Bernard, Yuncker Family, The (1995).
Zeuty, Kathryn Jean (Voisin), Correspondence from Zeuty, Kathy (E-Mail to Mike Voisin, April 5, 2007).
Zsuzsanna Jácint, Hungary, to Mike Voisin, e-mail; Stewart Family Line; privately held by Mike Voisin, [address for private use], Huntsville, Alabama.
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