The Voisin/Stewart Family
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Brooke County, West Virginia; Estate of Ruth Phyllis (Stewart) Voisin, Huntsville, Alabama.
Reference: 000659
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[Printed copy at Huntsville Madison County Public Library Heritage Room, Huntsville, Alabama. Online version at ProQuest, Heritage Quest Online, available to patrons of the Huntsville Madison County Public Library.

Printed copy reprinted by the Historical and Geneological Society of Indiana County, 1981. Walsworth Publishing Co., On Mills, Inc., Salem WV]

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Campbell, Debra (Sweeney), Correspondence from Campbell, Debra.

[Debbie is a great-granddaughter of Edward Anthony Voisin.]

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[Keith is my half third cousin, once removed on the Stewart side. He maintains a website with his family tree.]

College Preparatory Diploma, from Sacred Heart Academy, Mount Pleasant, Isabella, Michigan. Privately held by [address for private use].
Mike Voisin [12]
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Edwards, Arthur Wayne, Correspondence from Edwards, Wayne (2000).

[Wayne is a second cousin. He possesses Joseph Voisin's personal diary (ledger).]

Elias, Mary Louise (Voisin), Correspondence from Elias, Mary Lou (1994, 2000).

[My aunt Mary Lou responded to a survey I conducted to gather the names and birthdates of her and her children.]

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Reference: 001264
Esch, Brent James, Data from Brent Esch (E-Mail to Mike Voisin, December 11, 2003) <>.

[Brent provided his genealogical data in a GEDCOM file. It is mostly unsubstantiated, having been obtained from a number of different tertiary sources. It contains many promising leads.]

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Mike Voisin [12]
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[Authors: Római Katólikus Egyház, Szabolcs (Baranya), (Main Author)
Format: Manuscript/On Film
Language: Hungarian, Latin
Publications: Salt Lake City, Utah : Filmre vette a Genealogical Society of Utah, 1967
Physical: 3 mikrofilmtekercs, 35 mm.

Roman Catholic Church register of births, marriages and deaths for Szabolcs, Baranya, Hungary. Also known as Mecsekszabolcs.]

First United Presbyterian Church, Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania; privately held by John M. Voisin, [address for private use], Huntsville, Alabama.
Mike Voisin [12]
Reference: 000549
Flickr ( accessed).
Frank W. Voisin and Clifton E. Voisin, Joseph Voisin 1805-1892 and Descendants, first printing (St. Clements, Ontario, Canada: St. Clements Printers, November 1982).

[Electronic images of four pages from this book were received from A. Wayne Edwards via e-mail, June 7, 2000.]

Reference: 001251
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