The Voisin/Stewart Family
Husband: Heinrich Joseph Görge
Born: Unknown
Married: 16 June 1874
Died: Unknown
Wife: Catharina Fuchs
Born: 22 April 1851 in Dallas Township, Clinton, Michigan
Died: 23 February 1922 in Fowler, Clinton, Michigan
Father: Johann Joseph Fuchs
Mother: Maria Anna Pohl
Additional Information

Heinrich Joseph Görge:


"Heinrich (Henry) immigrated with his parents and siblings, sailing on 5/6/1853 from Bremershaven, Germany and arriving at the port of New York on 6/15/1853. He spent his boyhood on a farm in Dallas Twp., Clinton Co., Michigan.

"Heinrich (Henry) and Catharina lived on a farm in Dallas Twp., Clinton Co., Michigan until 1889, when they bought a home in the village of Fowler, Michigan. They entertained friends and family almost every Sunday. Occasionally the guests included Henry J. Ford, who was an acquaintance of Henry and Catherine.

"Henry was a builder-contractor, and he built many of the early buildings in the village of Fowler. In 1882, he built the first Catholic church in Fowler, Michigan, for a cost of $2,000. In 1890, Henry Goerge purchased the Charles Bengel Furniture Store in Fowler. Henry started as an undertaker in 10/1892, and his business was called Henry J. Goerge, Furniture & Undertaking. In 1902, his son, H. Louis Goerge, entered the business and it was renamed H.J. Goerge & Son.

"Henry died of pneumonia in St. Lawrence Hospital, Lansing, Michigan while hospitalized for injuries, including a broken hip, that he sustained in a fall while picking apples."
--Author unknown, provided by Diane Kaye Schafer, August, 2000.

Catharina Fuchs:


"Catherine was a small, fragile, meek individual who delighted in her flower and herb gardens. She was troubled with a heart ailment and eventually lost her hearing."
--Author unknown, provided by Diane Kaye Schafer, August, 2000


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