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001342: Picnic at Bud Lake

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04 July 1927

A family picnic at Budd Lake, Clare County, Michigan on July 4, 1927. Notice the flags on the radiator cap.

Emma (Rademacher) Voisin, 24, Ernest Joseph Voisin, 24, Gerred B. Rademacher, 26, and Evelyn Mary (Rademacher) Earl, 18. Gerred is holding a baby who is 3 months old. This is most likely his son Norman G. Rademacher. His wife Merita probably took the photograph. The other two children are the daughter and son of Emma and Ernie Voisin, Nora May Voisin, 4, and John Ernest "Jackie" Voisin, 2.

Source: "Photographs," July 4, 1927; Ernest 24, Gerred 26, Baby 3 mos, NoraMae 4, Jackie 2, Emma 24, Evelyn 18 at Bud Lake, Budd Lake, Clare County, Michigan, Estate of Evelyn Mary (Rademacher) Earl, Heather Justice.

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