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001347: Farm Auction Advertisement

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About 20 April 1944

This newspaper clipping advertises the sale of the Rademacher farm. The sale was to be held Thursday, April 20, 1944.


Auction Sale

Having decided to quit farming, I will sell at public auction at the place 2 miles south and 1/4 mile east of Beal City, or 3 miles north and 1/4 mile east of Deerfield Center on Thursday, April 20 [1944] Commensing at 12 o'clock sharp, the following described property:

Horse, 15 yrs. old.

Durham cow, 3 yrs. old, fresh 2 months, bred
Holstein cow, 7 yrs. old, fresh 3 months, bred
Holstein cow, 4 yrs. old, fresh 10 weeks, bred
Holstein heifer, calf by side
Holstein cow, 10 yrs. old, fresh 2 weeks
Durham cow, 4 yrs. old, fresh 2 months
Holstein heifer, 17 months old

Brood sow, due May 16
Brood sow, due May 20
Bred to purbred Chester White boar

About 25 hens

40 Bushels oats
7 Tons hay

Land roller
Deering grain binder
2 Wagons, one rubber tired
Set sleighs
Spike-tooth drag
Home-made tractor
Champion walking plow
Superior beet and bean drill
Superior grain drill
Riding cultivator
Walking cultivator
Deering hay mower
Dump hay rake
Bean puller
Beet lifter
One-bottom tractor plow
Three-section drag
Double disk

2 10-gallon milk cans
2 5-gallon cream cans
Batter fence machine
Platform scales
Many articles too numerous to mention

Gasoline cook stove
Two-burner kerosene heater

Terms: $10.00 or under, cash; over that amount 9 months' time will be given on good bankable notes drawing 7% interest. No goods to be removed until settled for.

Mrs. L. Rademacher, Prop.
Bert Shangle--Clerk
Andrew Courser--Auctioneer

Source: "Photographs," Auction ad for Louisa Rademacher, Photo collection, Estate of Evelyn Mary (Rademacher) Earl, Heather Justice.

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