Peter Joseph "Joseph" Voisin & Catherine Meyer
Family Gallery
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001251-001-03: Joseph Voisin and Sons

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Peter Joseph "Joseph" Voisin [I00688] with his seven sons.

Back row, left to right, August Voisin [I01797], Peter Joseph Voisin [I01793], John Voisin [I01806], Joseph Xavier Voisin [I01796], and Anthony Voisin [I01792]. Front row, left to right, George Voisin [I01812], Peter Joseph "Joseph" Voisin [I00688], and Jacob Peter Voisin [I01790].

Saint Clements, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Source: Frank W. Voisin and Clifton E. Voisin, Joseph Voisin 1805-1892 and Descendants, first printing (St. Clements, Ontario, Canada: St. Clements Printers, November 1982), Page 1.

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