Ernest Joseph "Ernie" Voisin
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000644-02: Funeral Homily

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Funeral Homily for Ernest Joseph Voisin [00006]. (Page 2 of 2.)

Source: Reverend Michael D. Murphy, Funeral Homily For Ernest Voisin; (East Lansing, Michigan: St. Thomas Acquinas Catholic Church, 1987).

Transcription (continued):

d. We firmly believe that the Lord will raise Ernest to glory in heaven and that is the focus of our prayer today as we come to bury this man you loved, and who loved you for a lifetime.

e. We gather in this church today to proclaim our belief in this central truth of our faith and our lives.
-We believe that Ernest has not lived and died in vain.
-We believe he will be with the Lord he came to know and love in the course of his life.
-We profess with Martha, the friend of Jesus, the truth of Jesus as our Messiah.

f. In this Eucharist we thank God for the gift of Ernest and we come to the table of the Lord to be nourished and comforted by our God until we all meet in Christ in the eternal kingdom of heaven.
-Now the words of Jesus have been fulfilled in Ernest's life when He said: "Father, all those you gave me I would have in my company where I am, to see this glory of mine which is your gift to me."

g. On this sad day let us not forget these eternal truths that give us a hope rooted in the very person of our God.
-We have a hope and it is the Lord, Jesus Christ, and this will never be taken from us.

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