John Galbreath Stewart
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Report for the death of John Galbreath Stewart [00197].

Source: Snow Again Makes Roads Hazardous, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, 17 March 1960, Volume 33, Number 196, Page 1, Column 2. News report on weather conditions.


Snow Again Makes Roads Hazardous

Cinder and Salt Trucks Try to Keep Highways Passable

A fall of wet snow, measuring from 1 ½ to two inches, yesterday afternoon created hazardous driving conditions for homeward-bound Pittsburgh district residents.

Cinder and salt trucks where on duty trying to keep the roads passable and most main roads were in pretty good shape. However, secondary streets were slick and proved troublesome to those without snow tires or chains.

The snow was blamed for the death of John Stewart, 72, of 611 George Street, Turtle Creek, who collapsed while shoveling snow in front of his home. He was pronounced dead of a heart attack at 4:45 p.m. in Columbia Hospital, Wilkinsburg.

Snow Flurries Due Today

There was a possibility that warming temperatures might change the snow to rain late last night or early this morning.

The forecast for today called for cloudy weather with occasional light rain or drizzle. The high today is expected to be 38 degrees.

The temperature during the night was expected to go no lower than 31 degrees.

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