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000854: Journal Entry

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After 1873

Pages from the journal of Joseph Voisin [00021], where he has written verses from the ballad "Take This Letter to My Mother," sometime after 1873.

Source: A. Wayne Edwards, "Diary of Joe Voisin," e-mail message from [e-mail for private use] ([street address for private use]), to Mike Voisin, 1 July 2002.

In this journal entry Joseph Voisin recorded two verses from "Take This Letter to My Mother," a popular ballad composed by William Shakespeare Hays (1837-1907) and first published in 1873. Also seen is a notation that Joseph began working in April 1877. The dollar notation in the upper right may indicate his monthly salary. This writing appears similar to Joseph's handwriting, although more refined. He probably took advantage of the empty space in his journal to record the details of his new job.


Take this letter to my; mother. far across the deep blue; sea. it will fill her hard [heart]; with pleasure she will be; glad to hear from me.; how she wept when last; we parted. how her hard [heart]; was was fild [filled] with pain.; When she said. goodby; God bless you we may; never meet again............

take this letter to my mother; it will fill hard [her heart] with joy; tell her that her prayers; are answered. God protects; her little boy. tell her to; be glad and; cherful. pray for me
wherer i roam and ere; long ill turn my footsteps; back towards my dear old; home.

[?] month[?] $12; Mister Joseph Voisin; commenced to work the; 4 [?] of April [?] 1877; H. Otterb[?]; Hawksville Ont

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