Joseph Voisin
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000852: Journal Entry

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19 November 1875

Page from the journal of Joseph Voisin [00021], where he has written a poem, November 18, 1875.

Source: A. Wayne Edwards, "Diary of Joe Voisin," e-mail message from [e-mail for private use] ([street address for private use]), to Mike Voisin, 1 July 2002.

This is a whimsical excerpt Joseph Voisin wrote when he was 17. He was apparently living in Netherby, Ontario, Canada. His poetic nature continued as he got older. He wrote a poem of similar style nine years later in a love letter to his future wife Mary Ann Yuncker.


Joseph Voisin is my; name and my pen; wriets the same the; grass is green and; the rose is red; and that is my; name if I am; dead Amen
* *
Joseph Voisin; Township of; Humberstone; Netherby PO; Ont 1875 19 November

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