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000853: Journal Entry

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Between 1880 AND 1900

Pages from the journal of Joseph Voisin [00021], where he has written a square dance call, sometime between 1880 and 1900.

Source: A. Wayne Edwards, "Diary of Joe Voisin," e-mail message from [e-mail for private use] ([street address for private use]), to Mike Voisin, 1 July 2002.

This journal entry appears to be a square dance call. Joseph likely was a square dance caller, given that he played an instrument at social dances. It was probably written between 1880 and 1900. The numbers could be his calculations for timing the steps or beats.


first lade [lady] turn; the right left hand; partner turn once; round the lade [lady] in; the center on 7 hands; ladies all forward; in the center reties [retires]; gents forward in; the center retire; ladies forward in; the center goin home; circle to the left once; round gents goins home; on circle to the right; on the out side; the same time; Joins hands an form

baskied[basket?] Ballence [balance]; in baskied[?] prominade in; Baskied[?] Ballance [balance] to corners; turn corner grand right; an left half way take; your partner prominade; one an a half to places

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