Joseph Voisin
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000838: Declaration of Intention

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11 October 1880

Declaration of Intention to become a naturalized citizen of the United States for Joseph Voisin [00021].

The Naturalization Act of 1802 established a three-part process to become a naturalized citizen. First a declaration of intention must be filed with an authorized court. Second, after at least two years, if the person has been resident in the United States for at least five years, he can petition the court for admission to citizenship. The petition includes an oath and the affidavits of two witnesses who can attest to the applicant's residency and character. If accepted, the court then issues an order admitting the person to citizenship.

In this declaration, Joseph renounced his allegiance to the Queen of Great Britain. Unfortunately, no record of a later petition has yet been found.

Source: Joseph Voisin, Volume 4, Page 99, October 11, 1880, Declarations of Intent for Naturalization, Circuit Court for Isabella County, Michigan; Department of Natural Resources, Archives of Michigan, Michigan Historical Center, Lansing, Michigan.

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