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000665-02: Letter to Miss Yuncker

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23 March 1884

A letter from Joseph Voisin [00021] to his future wife Mary Ann Yuncker [00020], page 2 of 4.

Source: Irene Smith to Mike Voisin, February 2002, Letter: Smith, Irene (Blasen).

Transcription (continued):

After Easter John gebford He is Building a new Kitchen on his house. He says he is going to give us a good Dance he Will have lots of room. Dear Mary I Wish you would come up till that time.

I would like to have you here. I Can’t injoy my self unless I Can Be with you.

I didend injoy my self yet To Dances With you. I always got to play.

But the same time I think More of you then of anney other girl that I ever seen yet I think your farther he is going to Leave us. In about two weeks he is going to orogon.

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