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000665-03: Letter to Miss Yuncker

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23 March 1884

A letter from Joseph Voisin [00021] to his future wife Mary Ann Yuncker [00020], page 3 of 4.

Source: Irene Smith to Mike Voisin, February 2002, Letter: Smith, Irene (Blasen).

Transcription (continued):

But if he goes to Orogon and if He likes it there he Will Move out there and then i will Sell out here and go along. I told your farther that i was going to Marrey You till Next fall and if he goes away he wouldend Be to the wedding. He told me that we could Marrey anney time when we are redy if he is here or not he said that he will look for a place for Me two then i will Sell my place and then we will all go together. [I’m not] going to stay [here if] your folks Moves away. I Haven’t got anney friends Here except you.

I Know lots More yet But I Can tell it Better to you if you Come again.

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