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000855: Journal Entry

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Page from the journal of Joseph Voisin [00021], where he has written recipes for bitters.

Source: A. Wayne Edwards, "Diary of Joe Voisin," e-mail message from [e-mail for private use] ([street address for private use]), to Mike Voisin, 1 July 2002.

Bitters is an alcoholic solution of bitter and aromatic plant extracts used as a tonic. On this page from his journal, Joseph Voisin listed two recipes for bitters.

Bitters in a 1/2 gallon
Whiskey 2 oz
1 oz kalmus

In this recipe Juneberberries is likely a misspelling of juniper berries, which produce an acrid oil commonly used in gin and liqueurs. Kalmus is an old spelling of calamus, which is often used to stimulate appetite and digestion, although it is known today to be a carcinogen. So this is probably a recipe for a stomach tonic.

In the next entry we learn Joseph served on jury duty on September 8, 1891 at 9:00 am:

Jury 8th September 1891
9 clock forenoon

In 1892 there was substantial flooding and Joseph was not able to plant corn until June 13:

1892 flood year
Plantet corn 13 of June

The next entry appears to be a financial accounting. Joseph owed 50 cents on an order for $3.00 bed springs and 17 cents on a spectacle case. The left column summarizes his debts, 67 cents. On the right, a bottle of pain killer medicine cost 50 cents, to which he added the $0.67 due from the left column, for a total of $1.17.

due 50
speck case 15
[?] 2

Paid January 30th 1896
A 3 Doller order for bed spring
there is due[?] 50ยข
and 17 cts for speck[?] case
Bought in 1897 one Bottle
Pain killer ...... 50 cts

Finally Joseph gives another receipe for bitters. Kargon is an unknown ingredient. He may have meant tarragon, which is used as an appetite stimulant. Or, perhaps he meant carob, which is used for diarrhea, or indigestion and heartburn.

( Bitters )
Fluid Extract Dandelion
one Half ounce
Compound Kargon one ounce
Compound syrup sarsaparilla
3 oz
Shaking well in Bottle
take a tea spoon ful after
each meal and at Bed time

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