Lorenz Rademacher
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000822-01: 1899 Plat

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Plat of Deerfield Township, Isabella, Michigan, 1899. William Bolan is shown as owning the Northeast quarter of the Northwest quarter of Section 3 (39.39 acres), in Township 14 North, Range 5 West (Deerfield), Isabella County, Michigan. This is prior to Lorenz Rademacher [00214] owning the same parcel.

Source: Charles M. Foote and Edwin C. Hood, Plat book of Isabella County, Michigan: Drawn from Actual Surveys and the County Records (Minneapolis, Minnesota: C.M. Foote Publishing Company, 1899), Deerfield Township, micounty-2933874.0001.001-28; digital image, University of Michigan Digital Library, Michigan County Histories and Atlases (http://quod.lib.umich.edu/m/micounty/ : downloaded 1 December 2009.

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