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000823-01: 1879 Plat

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Plat of Deerfield Township, Isabella, Michigan, 1879. The Northeast quarter of the Northwest quarter of Section 3 (39.39 acres), in Township 14 North, Range 5 West (Deerfield), Isabella County, Michigan is shown as "V. I. Land." It is unclear what this means, but it probably concerns federal land reserved for American Indians, perhaps Title VI land.

Source: E. L. Hayes, H. H. Laverty, and W. B. Patterson, Atlas of Isabella County, Michigan: To which is Added a Township Map of Michigan, a Railroad Map of the United States and a Map of the World (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: C. O. Titus, 1879), Deerfield Township, micounty-2933875.0001.001-33; digital image, University of Michigan Digital Library, Michigan County Histories and Atlases (http://quod.lib.umich.edu/m/micounty/ : downloaded 1 December 2009.

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