Jacob P. Yuncker
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001267-0120: Petition

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17 January 1889

An entry in the journal of the Michigan House of Representatives which records a petition submitted by the Board of Supervisors of Isabella County, Michigan. Jacob P. Yuncker [00022] is shown as a participant in a Board of Supervisors meeting in 1889. Another entry [001267-0084] in this reference indicates he was Nottawa Township Supervisor. This petition asked the state legislature to repeal Act 262 regarding the taxation of resident and no-resident mortgages.

Source: Daniel L. Crossman, Clerk of the House of Representatives, Journal of the House of Representatives of the State of Michigan, 1889, Volume 1 (Lansing, Michigan: Darius D. Throp, State Printer and Binder, 1889), Page 120; digital images, Google Incorporated, Google Books (http://books.google.com/ : Downloaded 6 June 2011); Petition to Repeal Act 262 for the Year 1887.

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