Leo Edward Voisin
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000961: Newspaper Article

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Newspaper article, with photograph, about the Leo Edward Voisin [00061] and Ella Jean O'Brien [00063] family, 1961.

Source: "Dad's Engineering Degree Is 'Strictly a Co-Op Deal'," article with picture, Local-area Newspaper, Mount Pleasant, Isabella Michigan, 1961, Leo and Ella Voisin family.


Dad's Engineering Degree Is 'Strictly a Co-Op Deal'

Father of 7 Will Graduate in June

Leo E. Voisin, 36-year-old father of seven children, who will graduate with a B. S. degree in electrical engineering from Michigan State University this June, gives the credit for his educational accomplishments to his family, for their wholehearted support and claims it is "strictly a co-op deal."

Voisin said he never would have been able to do it, had his family not been able to take care of themselves so well while he is away at school.

Voisin will see his ambition of working in the field of electrical engineering realized when he completes the requirements for his Bachelor of Science degree and graduates this June.

Voisin and his wife, Jean, who have been married 12 years, live with their seven children, at 304 West Illinois street. Voisin commutes back and forth to East Lansing, spending the week-ends and vacations at home with his family and week-days in East Lansing attending classes and studying.

Following his graduation from Michigan State in June, the Voisin's will move to Milwaukee where he will be associated with A. C. Sparkplug, an electronic division of General Motors.

Five of the seven Voisin children are students like their Dad. Eleven-year-old Diane is a fifth grader at Sacred Heart Academy, 10-year-old Danny is in the fourth grade at Sacred Heart, eight-year-old Dickie is a third grader at Sacred Heart, and seven-year-old Judy is a second grader at S. H. A. Six-year-old Bobby is in kindergarten at Fancher School. Betty three, and Janice, 14 months, are at home.

Mr. and Mrs. Voisin are both graduates of Sacred Heart Academy, Voisin in 1943, and Mrs. Voisin, the former Jean O'Brien, in 1944.

The couple's parents are also Mt. Pleasant residents. They are Mr. and Mrs Edmund O'Brien of Route 3, Mt. Pleasant and Mrs. Clara Voisin, 406 South College. Voisin's father was the late Ed Voisin of Voisin's Jewelry store.

After graduation from sacred Heart Academy in 1943, Voisin enlisted with the U. S. Navy, and was stationed in China for most of his three years in service. After being discharged from the Navy in 1946, he attended electronics school in Chicago, before returning to Mt. Pleasant where he was associated with Voisin's Jewlery [Jewelry] Store, in the gifts and appliances department for ten years. He also attended Central Michigan University for two years on a pre-engineering curriculum.

Voisin enrolled at Michigan State University in 1959, and has been attending school there continously [continuously], including summer school, in order to graduate this June. He states he has always been interested in electronics, and feels he will be very happy in the electrical engineering field. When asked if he found college a particular challenge at his age, he replied: "I knew what I wanted and I was determined to get it." And Voisin has done just that!

In what little spare time he has, Voisin enjoys woodworking, painting, and repairing his children's toys.

[Picture with caption:] LOOKING PROUDLY at their father Leo E. Voisin, who will graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from Mcihigan [Michigan] State university this June are: Judy, seven; Dian, eleven; Betty, three, (sitting with Voisin); Bobby, six; Mrs. Voisin with Janice, 14 months; Danny, ten; and Dickie, eight. The Voisin family will move to Milwaukee following his graduation, where Voisin will be employed with an Electronic Division of General Motors.

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