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17 January 2005


17 Jan. 05

Mary Lou—

Thank you for the picture & info about your family @ Christmas—we only send cards, no Christmas letter.

Thought I’d bring you up to date with condensed events of my life since H.S. graduation. I graduated fr C.M.C. June 1953 w/ majors in Geography & Industrial Arts. I completed my undergrad teaching skills @ good old Mt. Pleasant High & Niles, Mich.

My 1st teaching job was @ St. Stanislaus H.S. in Bay City (53-54). St. Stan’s was the 1st Catholic school in the state to offer a[n] Ind. Arts curriculum, I taught woodshop & mechanical Drawing, I [also] was the ass’t. coach in Football, Basketball & Baseball. At end of my 1st yr teaching I was drafted into the army, (6 Jun 54) did basic training @ Ft. Leonard Wood, I survived basic training along-side 2 of my H.S. students fr. St. Stan’s.

After basic training I was assigned to a 4 man gun crew, training on a new “Anti-Air Craft Weapon” called the “Sky-Sweeper.” Our crew was informed we would be assigned to Korea for defensive purposes. Training took place @ Ft. Bliss Texas & White Sands, New Mexico. After training & firing exercises @ White Sands we were notified our weapons would not fit the geographic territory in Korea & therefore we would be employed in Germany to help N.A.T.O. While station[ed] @ Ft. Bliss I was able to take week-end passes, visiting parts of Mexico & taking in bull fights.

Arriving in Europe (25 Dec. 54) by ship & by rail to Heidelberg, Germany, our 4 gun cree (3 graduates Fr. U. of Minn. & I) were informed that our weapons would not arrive for another year. Therefore, our crew was split up for different assignments. I was sent to a Military Justice School near Garmisch & Berchtesgaden, Ger. Located in the Bavarian alps close to Austria & Switzerland. Next 2 months of the best duty anyone could ask for. Got to visit, Switzerland, Austria & Southern Germany on weekends, had wine w/ Orson Wells in Vienna (Feb. 54) @

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