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17 January 2005

Transcription (continued):

"The Third Man-Theme" a winery in the Vienna Woods.

One of the priests @ St. Stans was Father Sigmund Gaj a displaced person (D.P.) from Poland. He was discovered in a Nazi Concentration Camp (Dachau) near Munich, Ger. after end of W.W. II. Father Gaj was seized by the Nazis while active in the Polish underground & a prisoner for 3 years. I was able to visit & tour the concentration camp @ Dachau.

After gradating from Military Justice School ( a fellow frat brother from C.M.U. was typing instructor @ the school) I was stationed in Mannheim, Ger. & worked with Military Courts until discharged as a E-5 (Sgt.) in New York June 56. My work w/ the Courts was interesting & my boss Cap’t. Owens allowed me to use all my leave time before being discharged. I was fortunate to travel for a month, went to Grace Kelly’s wedding in French Morocco, visited Paris, Normandy, England, Scotland, Ireland (my mother was a Coughlin & Epple) Netherlands, Norway, Sweden & Northern parts of Germany along the Baltic & North Sea with a bunk mate from Calif. (Ran into Hudson Keenan in Kier, Ger.)

Returning home I started my M.A. with the G.I. bill @ U of M. I also returned to my teaching job @ St. Stans. My good friend Father Gaj & I spent many Sunday afternoons together, he was always trying to get me married. (He succeeded!) A blind date (Maxine A. Kochanny) Mickie to all her friends, worked @ the unemployment office & part time @ St. Stans w/ Father Gaj. After couple years dating, we set the date. Father Gaj was to marry us, but he had the opportunity to see his mother in Poland, 1st time in 15 years.

Our pastor Father Ned married us (16 Aug. 58) as newly wed’s we drove to Key West, Fla., flew to Cuba for 10 days.

I finished my M.A. degree @ U of M – (June 59) in Industrial-Vocational Ed.

A new public school (Kolb Intermediate) was completed in 59 & I was approached to start a[n] Ind. Arts Program & coach @ Kolb.

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