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17 January 2005

Transcription (continued):

I made the change for benefits & pay, a parochial school couldn’t offer. Taught @ Kolb (15 yrs) & also started teaching evening classes in Drafting @ Delta College. Eventually I gave up coaching (1970), teaching Vocational classes @ Delta paid more than coaching w/ lot less headaches.

Mickie gave up her job before our 1st child was born (15 Nov. 62) Christopher David. We already had our new home in 1960. Our daughter (Michelle Renee) was born 22 June 66. Two great children, both graduated from All-Saints.

Chris wanted to be a doctor, attended & graduated from Wayne State. Chris worked @ Harris & Harris Funeral Hm in Detroit while attending Wayne. During his Jr. yr @ Wayne Chris was informed by his counselor that he had 2 things against him for med school, being white & a male. Chris changed to teaching, majoring in Chem. & Physics. Chris 1st job was @ Climax-Scotts teaching Chem & Physics, Chris then took a job as H.S. principal @ North Adams-Jerome. After 2 yrs as principal Chris became superintendent, job he still has. Chris also teaches extension classes in Administration for C.M.U. Chris earned his M.A. from W.M.U. & is working on his PH’D.

Chris & his wife Cheyrl have 3 boys, George (9) (named after my dad) Kaleb (7) & Gabriel (4).

Our daughter, Michelle became a[n] excellent basketball player, earning All State honors her senior yr @ All Saints. Academic All-American @ Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Fla. Michele still holds 20 basketball team records @ Eckerd & is the only women inducted into the hall of fame @ Eckerd. Michelle also wanted to be a doctor & was accepted into 2 med schools in Florida. Michelle, af[t]er completing a[n] inter[n]ship @ the “American Heart Institude” in Phoenix, Ariz. & earning her M.A. in Bio-Mechanics she said “No” to medicine.

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