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17 January 2005

Transcription (continued):

Michelle began her basket ball coaching career @ Judson College in Marion, Ala. Judson is a 4 yr. all women’s college, after 6 winning basketball seasons Michelle was offered a position @ a near by military school (M.M.I.) “Marion Military Institude” to start a athletic program for women cadets. When the mens basketball coach resigned, Michelle was asked to also handle the mens basketball program—which she accepted! Michelle was on E.S.P.N. as the 1st & only women to coach a mens basketball team in Ala. Michelle current team record is 15 wins & 1 lost, her total mens record (6 yrs) is 113 wins & 21 losses. Michelle has here PH’D & is one of the vice-presidents of M.M.I. & carries the rank of Major. Michelle teaches 1 class ea. Semester, either Chem-Physics or Calculus to the cadets.

Michelle is married to David Ivey, football/basketball coach @ M.M.I. Michelle & David have 1 son (Patrick Harold Ivey) 3 yrs old, this 8th of Feb. David has rank of Cap’t. & works for Michelle.

Mick & I go to Ala. for Patricks birthdays, we also take in few of her basketball games, stay couple weeks. We like Gulf Shores & Fairhope Ala. Michelle lives on campus, M.M.I. provides a hm. for them. David & Michelle are actived in the Catholic Church in Salem—the priest from Salem married them @ St. Stans in Bay City.

I retired in “92” after 39 yrs in Ed. My last 19 yrs I was co-op coordinator & skill Conter Advisor @ Bay City Central.

Summers I found work in factories, working on a drawing bd or doing lay-out work. One of my former H.S. students is a engineer for “LinkBelt Co.” out of Cinn. Ohio, he hired me for 12 summers working on various projects for G.M. plants around this Saginaw area. Most of my work was detailing work in structural

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