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17 January 2005

Transcription (continued):

steel, conveyers, plus 4 summers for “Cardinal Products” in Bridgeport designing & layout of “Make-up Air Heaters” for G.M. & Ford plants, schools, hospitals, etc.

Mick & I bought a summer home on Crooked Lake (1974) near Curran, Mich. We had 100’ on the H2O & recently purchased another 65’ on the lake. Good fishing & swimming, we belong to a[n] association which has rules “No water skiing—No wake behind boats,” etc. Crooked Lake size is approx. 110 acres & 30’ deep. Our Northern home is located on a Peninsula, H2O front & back. We enjoy beautiful sunsets from our dock, deck or gazebo. Our children love Crooked Lake, grew up there during summers & just about every other week-end during the school yr. Grand kids love it also!

Mick & I go North Monday mornings (less than 2 hr drive) & return to Bay City Fri. We are sort of tied down, Mickies mother is 92 & we hired 3 caregivers, she needs full time care or go into a nursing home.

I have a work shop in the basement called “The Sawdust Factory” to our grand children. I enjoy making bird houses, light houses, toys & games, etc. When the kids visit, grand kids got to go to grandpa’s “Sawdust Factory,” got to build something to take home w/ them. I am teaching them the names, use & care of Hd. tools, just like my father taught me!

Our son has a hm & small farm close to Hillsdale & I still have 40 acres outside of Mt. Pleasant, I inherited it from my mothers-mom in 1938. Between my farm & Chris farm we get together for deer hunting & his birthday 15th Nov. I’ve killed a deer every year since I started hunting @ 62.

Mick & I enjoy our Northern hm. Expecially Sep’t & Oct. We are less than a 2 hr. drive to Traverse City. We get into my truck

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