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17 January 2005

Transcription (continued):

travel the back roads, once we ended up in St. Cloud, Minn. Another time Lake Winnebago in Wisc. We like to visit lighthouses, stayed overnight in one @ Big Bay, north of Marquette. We enjoy the Apple Festival on Rd. Lake in Charlevoix ea. Fall. We also like the Wineyards around Traverse. We usually spend 1 or 2 days visiting them in late Sep’t or Oct. Mick & I enjoy Leland (Blue Bird Inn) Harbor Springs & a old Indian Catholic Church (St. Ignatius) which we discovered near the beach in Good Hart, we like eating @ “Legs Inn” in Cross Village.

We don’t care for crowds, we have discovered beautiful beaches along the Great Lakes, we enjoy long walks, skip rocks & draw pictures in the sand, take pictures for our memories.

We travel to Mt. Pleasant when we are bored, visit my parents graves, walk around my farm, dig wild flowers & enjoy visiting “Loafer’s Glory,” in Blanchard (best buttermilk pie). We take a different route back to Bay City each time. Life has been good to me!

Harold J. Voisin (Harry)

P.S. Could write more—easy to get carried away!
P.S. Again: I believe I had a student named Jennifer Buson as a co-op student, I place her @ the Bd. of Ed. Bld’g. Heard Jenny wasn’t into teaching?

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