Sister Margaret Schafer
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000632-01: Memorial

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04 April 1988

Memorial for Margaret Schafer [01752]. (Page 1 of 2.)

Source: Sister Margaret Schafer, OP, Memorial Notes; (Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan: Dominican Chapel/Marywood, 4 April 1988).


Entered eternal life on March 30, 1988
at the age of 76
after 58 years of religious life

Mass of Christian Burial
Tuesday, April 5, 1988
at 4:15 Dominican Chapel/Marywood

Vigil Service: Monday, 7:00 p.m.Dominican Chapel/Marywood

We commend Sister Margaret to your prayers.

Ten years ago the people of St. Joseph Parish in West Branch lauded Sister Margaret Schafer with these words: "For a decade our own Sister Margaret has been the dedicated, never discouraged, never doubting principal of our school. A highly respected educator and parish worker, her usual pattern has been: tireless teacher; faithful organist; choir director; preparer of children for the Sacraments; handmaid of the Lord in caring for His altar; a willing listener to everyone’s troubles with always a promise of prayer; a woman-of this century, ­small in stature, but a giant in purpose…she is a fulfillment we can see of the Dominican motto: ‘To praise, to bless, and to teach’. We salute her as “Channel of Blessing.” This Channel of Blessing who came to our congregation fifty-eight years ago, not quite understanding why she was being gifted with a call to Dominican life, left us for the glories of eternity on Wednesday of Holy Week, March 30, 1988.

“Fire-tried gold” aptly describes the Margaret Schafer who arrived at Marywood on September 7, 1929. Having celebrated a birthday six days previously, she acknowledged that eighteen years of life had taught her much about God's provident care of her. Prior to her Dominican years Sister Margaret had been simply "Margaret", lifelong resident of Beal City, firstborn of Frank and Cordula Schafer's four daughters.

Being the eldest, Margaret was introduced to responsibility at an early age. Because her mother's health was poor, Margaret not only cared for her, but in addition assumed many of the household duties. When she was eleven years old, her strength—both physical and spiritual—was put to the test: her beloved mother died. And Margaret became, in fact, "little mother" to her three sisters until their father remarried. Margaret was then thirteen. The God whose graces helped hone her mothering skills graced her anew: believing no one could ever replace the parent she had lost, Margaret was able to accept her new mother. As the years went on, Margaret also accepted and welcomed nine new brothers and sisters.

It can readily be seen that even before she became a Channel of Blessing within our Dominican congregation, Margaret was precisely that in the Schafer household. She was diligent in matters concerning home life, school life and

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