Elizabeth Hauck
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000897: Grave Marker

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July 2008

Grave marker for Elizabeth (Hauck) Yuncker [00959], St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Carson City, Michigan.

Source: Photographs," Grave markers of George Yuncker and Elizabeth (Hauck) Yuncker, July 2008, Carson City, Montcalm, Michigan, St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Betty-Jane Lee, Boynton Beach, Florida.

"The [marker] for Elizabeth I put in 2 years ago. I felt that she needed to be named. The church has the record of her burial, so we know she is there."

Source: Betty-Jane Lee, "Cemetery Photos," e-mail from [e-mail for private use] ([street address for private use], Boynton Beach, Florida), to Mike Voisin, 24 August 2008.

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